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Row and Column Groups

Select fields to summarize data by Row or Column (Row Group and Column Group).
Use them to created tabular reports and matrix (cross tab or pivot table) reports.


Date Groupings

When the first-level grouping is done on a date field, an additional choice appears:

Group Dates by
  • Day - (default) Summarizes records for each day of the year.
  • Week - Summarizes records by week and year.
  • Month - Summarizes records by month and year.
  • Calendar Year - Summarizes records by year.
  • Month in Year -Summarizes records for each month, regardless of year (so Oct 2012 is combined with October 2013).
  • Quarter - Summarizes records by quarter in the calendar year.
  • Always available for the first grouping.
  • Available for the second grouping if the first grouping is by year.

Tabular Report

Tabular reports display data in rows and columns, as a table, with optional Color Coding to highlight significant rows.

Table of Orders by Customer

Matrix Report

Matrix reports are used to organize and summarize your data, and are exceptionally well-suited for chart and dashboard views.

Orders by Source (Internet, Store, or Catalog) and by Offer (Discount, Purchase Incentive, or None).

The Matrix Report has a familiar format that you may know as a cross tabulation report (cross tab) or a pivot table. The resulting data is organized into a two dimensional grid which summarizes data (by total $, row count, or %).

The Matrix Report shows only summary information, based on the selected Row and Column Groups.

To create a Matrix Report, add one or more Row Groups and one or more Column Groups.

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