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getEnv(String key)
Gets the environment variable value for the key via the Java API
See also: getLoggedInUserInfo


import static com.platform.api.CONSTANTS.*;
String = Functions.getEnv(String variable)

Environment Variable Constants

The following constants can be used as keys to access the environment variables:
Key Variable
ENV.USER.ID Logged in user's ID
ENV.USER.USER_NAME Logged in user's username
ENV.USER.FULL_NAME Logged in user's full name
ENV.USER.COMPANY_NAME Logged in user's company name
ENV.USER.EMAIL Logged in user's email
ENV.USER.TENANT_ID The ID of the tenant the user is logged in to
ENV.USER.TIME_ZONE Logged in user's timezone
ENV.COMMUNITY.TENANT.ID The community tenant ID
ENV.SESSION.ID ID of the logged in user's session
ENV.ISV.RECAPTCHA_PUBLIC_KEY Key used when verifying that the system is interacting with a person. Learn more: recaptcha.


The value of the environment variable as a String.
This example calls getEnv to get the current user's identifier.
String userID = Functions.getEnv(ENV.USER.ID);
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