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A Custom Object is an object that has been created by a user or an application.


Find the Object Type

To find an object type identifier:

  1. Click GearIcon.png > Customization > Objects
  2. In the Display Title column, find the object you're looking for.
  3. The Object Name column has the identifier you need.


  1. Go to GearIcon.png > Customization > Objects > {object}
  2. Click Properties
  3. The object name appears at the top of the page



View Object Attributes

To examine attributes of a Custom Object, go to GearIcon.png > Customization > Objects > {object}

For example, to see the object fields, go to GearIcon.png > Customization > Objects > {object} > Fields

Standard Object Fields

These fields are predefined in all Objects. They:

  • Created automatically when an object is created.
  • Populated automatically when a record is added or updated in the GUI.
  • Required when a record is added or updated using an API.
Label Field Name REST Search Name Display Type Description
Object ID object_id object_id NumberUnique identifier for the object. (This field is always present, but is only displayed when examining Object metadata (the data that defines the object).
Record ID id id NumberUnique record identifier
Owner owner_id OWNERID StringUnique identifier of the record's owner
Created By created_id CREATEDID StringUnique identifier of the user who created the record
Date Created date_created DATECREATED StringDate the record was created:
Modified By modified_id MODIFIEDID StringUnique identifier of the user who last modified the record
Date Modified date_modified DATEMODIFIED StringDate the record was last modified:

See also: Standard Parameters

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