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This conditional color code function highlights rows based on the user-defined conditions in Reports. Any number of conditions can be added to color your data. Records that match specified criteria are displayed with the selected background color.

  • Color coding applies to Tabular Reports only, not Matrix or Chart Reports.

How it works

  1. Select a data field
  2. Define a true/false condition
  3. Choose a color from the color palette

Up to 10 conditions can be specified.

A typical condition might be "Status is equal to In Progress", or "Expected Revenue is greater than $1000".

When the condition is true, that row will be highlighted in the color you choose.


Some field types cannot be used for color coding, including:

  • Lookups and Related to Lookups
  • Dependent Multi-Fields
  • Multi-Checkbox
  • Multi-Picklists
  • Rich Text Areas
  • File and Image fields
  • Multi-Select Lookups
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