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Need help? Find out about this site and how to find information quickly.


Help Sidebar

To find information quickly, search for the word or phrase of interest.

A list of the most common support destinations.
Organized in categories, expand sections in this list to drill down to specific articles in the support wiki
Enter a search term and choose one of these options:
  • Click [Go] to find articles with that search term in the title
  • Click [Search] to display a list of articles that contain the search term


Tip: Use whole words as search terms (administration or data management are more successful than admin or data man).

Support Site Conventions

  • To make it easier to go from the GUI to the Wiki, the Wiki tries to have a page for each section heading in the GUI. In most cases, it should be possible to search on a section heading, to find the material you're looking for.
  • From any given page, you can use "What links here" to get more information. (Links tell you where material is used, "transclusions" point to pages that provide a larger context.)
  • When you follow a link to a Wiki page, it sometimes raises the question, "Where is this section in the GUI?" To help answer that question, pages that correspond to GUI sections have a GUI path at the top. Those paths tell you what actions you take to get to that section of the GUI. The general format of a path looks like this:
Do this > Then this > And this
This sample shows the kinds of the things you might see in a GUI path:
Item > {choice} > [Button]
  • Item - Typically an item in the navigation pane. Could also be a menu item.
  • {choice} - A selection you make or a value you enter
  • [Button] - A button you click


Note: Text you enter is often indicated in italics. But it may also be shown in monospaced font, if it pertains to a file, directory path, or code.

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