Version 10.9 Installable (Oct 2017)

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Release Notes for the installable version of the AgileApps Cloud platform.

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About the Installable Version

The installable version of the AgileApps Cloud platform allows you to create and manage a private cloud behind your firewall. AgileApps Cloud platform also helps you to set up a public cloud with a shared application and global data.

Version 10.9.7 Release

Following fixes are available as part of this release:

  • LJP-7432
  • SI# Number - 5343831
While creating a view, if it includes a formula column with one or more special characters, it results in an error.
This issue is resolved. Now the user cannot create a formula column in a view that has one or more special characters (with the exception of white space).
  • LJP-6893
  • SI# Number - 5338309
While editing the Form Layout for some fields beyond 126 fields, at save, the order of the fields beyond the number 126, the fields are shuffled in an arbitrary order, but not the one chosen by user.
This issue is resolved and now any number of fields should be ordered as per the preference of the user and saved as expected.

Version 10.9 Features and Fixes

For information on fixes, see Version 10.9 Platform. The following new features are introduced for this release:

Certificates in your trustStore

You must have these certificates in your trustStore if you are interacting with the AgileApps Cloud platform through any third party REST services.
For more information, see Certificates in your trustStore.

Enable HTML Sanitization

When this option is selected, it prevents XSS attacks by allowing you to use only the HTML tags and attributes listed in the table. When this option is not selected, all the HTML tags and attributes are allowed and XSS attacks are not prevented.
For more information, see Widget Types.

Installing AgileApps Live for Windows

AgileApps Live is now available for Windows. To install AgileApps Live on Windows operating system, see Installing AgileApps Live for Windows

Create record with specific ID

You can define your own record ID while creating a record through REST. For more information, see Create record with specific ID.

Update a record using filter

You can update a record using filter criteria. For more information, see Update a record using filter.

SQL Parameterized query

To execute the SQL query, you have to provide the parameters in the prepared statement. This parameterized query avoids SQL injection issues. AgileApps Cloud supports parameterized SQL query as well as the plain SQL query. For more information, see SQL Parameterized query

Capability to trigger business rules when user changes teams

webMethods AgileApps Cloud now supports business rule events whenever a user changes memberships to various teams that he or she could be part of. For more information, see Event Rules.

Support on Windows 2016 and Suse Linux 12

webMethods AgileApps installation is now supported on Windows Server 2016 and SLES12 operating systems, thus improving both the developer and production environments. For more information, see Software Requirements.

Refresh of applications in Marketplace

webMethods AgileApps Cloud has now refreshed all the existing application templates in the Marketplace and introduced new applications for customers to install in their tenants and customize it as per their requirements. All these applications now come with some sample data, a template external site, and customizable object models. These applications are contributed by the user community and hence not supported by Software AG. There is a new application sample called ComplaintDesk which has speech recognition capability added to the external site. For more information, see Community Marketplace.

Improvements in Job scheduling

webMethods AgileApps Cloud now improves the way jobs are scheduled and prioritized for execution on the platform. These architectural changes result in reducing the number of job failures and also consume lesser memory and CPU resources. For more information, see Job Scheduler.

Improvements in UI performance

webMethods AgileApps Cloud has considerably improved the performance of the end-user user interface thus improving the experience for the user.

Software support

  • MySQL 5.7
  • JDK 8

For more information, see Software Requirements and Hardware Requirements

New Installation

For new installation, see Quick Install Guide and Platform Installation Guide.

Upgrading an existing installation

For information on upgrading to version 10.9, see Upgrading to Version 10.9.