Version 10.10 Installable (Apr 2018 - webMethods Suite Version 10.2)

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Release Notes for the installable version of the AgileApps Cloud platform. This is an Innovation Release. Innovation releases have a much shorter support cycle than standard releases. To learn more, visit

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About the Installable Version

The installable version of the AgileApps Cloud platform allows you to create and manage a private cloud behind your firewall. AgileApps Cloud platform also helps you to set up a public cloud with a shared application and global data.

10.10 Features

The following new features are introduced for this release:


Note: This release is applicable for on-premise customers only and not available for the cloud users.

GDPR Compliance

As part of the compliance requirements for GDPR, whenever a user or a tenant is deleted, all their personal contact and address information is deleted from the system permanently. For more information, see Users.

Suse Linux 12

AgileApps is now certified with Suse Linux v12. For more information, see Software Requirements.

Non-Root user on MySQL

AgileApps installation can now be achieved using a non-root user in MySQL provided that the user has the required privileges. For more information, see Creating a non-root MySQL User to Run Agile Apps.

Improvements in Master Scheduler

All the failed and unprocessed scheduled jobs can now be monitored by the user. For more information, see Unprocessed Job Log and Monitoring.

New Installation

For new installation, see Installing AgileApps Live for Windows.

Upgrading an existing installation

There is no option to upgrade from versions 10.9 or earlier to version 10.10.