Template Variable Tool

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Template Variable Contexts

Template variables have slightly different syntax in different contexts. In addition, the available variables can differ between contexts. The template variable tool gives you the possible variables, in the correct syntax for each context:

Context Available Variables
  • Record fields
  • User Fields, Company Fields

For Service Provider emails:

Using the Template Variable Tool

This tool is used to look up the names of variables that can be used in templates.
The variables are based on fields in objects:


To lookup a template variable:

  1. Choose a Category
    Category - Contains multiple categories of fields you can choose.
  2. Choose a field from the Category
    Fields - Contains the fields available in the selected category.
  3. The variable name is displayed. For example:
    Variable field: $user.full_name
  4. Copy the variable name from the field and paste it into your template or email.
Note: The field Name is displayed. It is likely to be somewhat different from the field Label that is displayed in the GUI.
Date and Time Fields

The Date and Time category contains:

  • Current Date:
    Inserts $today, which displays the date in the standard format.
    On June 24, 2011 the date would be displayed as "24 June, 2011".
  • Current Date User Date Format:
    Inserts $today_dateformatted, which uses the format set by the user, or by default, the format set for the company.
    For a date format of mm/dd/yyyy, the value on June 24, 2011 would show as "06/24/2011".