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A Multi-Value Lookup element appears in the list of elements for a form whenever the object is in a many-to-many relationship with some other object.

For example, the Orders object is in a many-to-many relationship with Tags, by virtue of the junction table between them. So a field called Tags is automatically generated in the element list for the Orders object Form (and vice versa).

From the element list, the field can be dragged into a section of the form, at which point the field type will be displayed: Multi Value Lookup.

Using a Multi Value Lookup

A Multi Value Lookup element is identified by the stacked boxes icon: MultiValueLookupIcon.png. For this field, the GUI gives you a checkbox next to each record, so you select as many of the records as you want.

Sorting and filtering a Multi Value Lookup

To control the order in which records appear in the display list:

  1. Visit the Junction Object that lies between the ends of the many-to-many relationship.
  2. In the Junction Object, visit the field that does a Lookup to the object that contains the records you want to sort.
  3. Under Record Filtering, make selections for the Sort by field and the Sort Order.
  4. Under Record Filtering section, filters can be configured in Filtering Criteria.



  1. Filtering Criteria value supports static values only. For example, 123, 1, 2, 3, Created By equals '56ca4a5cdc1d49a9ba044cb28ea7f021'.
  2. Post selection JavaScript is not supported here.
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