Integration Server Configuration

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IS Configuration under Account Management allows you to connect to Integration Server which is co-hosted with AgileApps. You can create an Integration Server connection configuration to fetch various process models that exist in this connection.

Modifying the IS configuration

1. Navigate to GearIcon.png > Administration > Account Management > IS Configuration.
2. Click Edit.
3. Provide the username and password for the IS administrator.
4. Click Save.

Securing the pub.file Services

By securing the pub.file service calls with Integration Server, we ensure that a user can read the restricted paths as part of the Integration Server File Service. The fileAccessControl.cnf configuration file in Integration Server_directory \instances\instance_name\packages\WmPublic\config directory contains parameters that Integration Server uses to provide additional validation checks to make the services in the pub.file folder secure.

To secure the File Service calls, perform the following:

1. Log into the Integration Service instance.
2. Go to Settings > Extended.
3. Click Edit.
4. Add the following Key=Value pair:
5. Go to {IntegrationServer-directory}\instances\{instance-name}\packages\WmPublic\config\fileAccessControl.cnf
6. Add the entry for allowedReadPaths. For example, allowedReadPaths={AgileApps_install_dir}/docs/public_documents/**


Note: Ensure to provide forward slash (/) when entering the path.

For more information, see the section on File Access Control Configuration for the pub.file Services in Integration Server Built-In Services Reference Guide.