Folder Visibility

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Users that have the Make Views/Reports Visible to Others permission can modify Visibility settings 

To specify visibility settings:

  1. Click [Folder Properties]
  2. Select one of the options from the dropdown to specify who has access:
  3. Select an Access Rights option:
    View Only
    Can only view
    Cannot modify properties or permissions
    View and Add
    Can add and view
    Cannot modify properties or permissions
    Can add and view
    Can modify properties and permissions
  4. Optionally, click [Add] to specify additional settings.
  5. Click [Save]
  • Visibility Controls are specified individually for each folder. They are not inherited from parent folders.

This table shows an example where:

  • Everyone except the Interns team can View the data in the Object
  • Selected Users have View and Add rights
  • Selected Roles have Administrator rights.
(Additional rights are created by adding a new row to the section.)
Access Rights / Level of Access
Share With View Only View and Add Administrator
Everyone Y N N
User: Sally Y N
User: Linus N N
Team: Interns N N N
Team: Accounts Payable Y N
Team: Disbursement N Y
Role: Supervisor N Y