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The AgileApps Cloud platform is a business process and application platform that lets you create process-driven, situational, case management applications in a matter of days, rather than months -- applications that are automatically mobile-enabled, with support for Web Services and social collaboration.

Your application runs in the cloud, so you don't have to worry about scalability, backups, database administration, network administration, upgrades, or maintenance. And while you can build your app without any programming, development tools and APIs are available when you need them. (On-premise installation is also possible, to create a private cloud.)

You can get started by importing CSV data exported from a spreadsheet, or you can use the Application Construction Wizard. The platform then lets you define and evolve Processes, and lets a case agent create an ad hoc procedure on the fly (a Multi Step Task) when those processes don't quite fit.

To Get Started

  • Review the sidebar to the left of this page. Familiarize yourself with it. It's your friend!
  • In particular, see the second entry, Getting Started. You'll want to go there first.
  • When new updates come along, you'll be reading the Release Notes. That's the next link down.
  • The next most useful section in the sidebar is the resources.
    The "index" pages in that section are devoted to things that different people need to know: designers, developers, sys admins, and installers (plus a few extras).
  • Finally, use the search bar at the bottom to find things, when you know what the right term to use. (When you don't use the index pages to "drill down" until you find what you need.)
(The lack of links in this section is intentional. The goal is to make it "second nature" to use the sidebar!)

For Users

For Application Builders

For Administrators

Learn More

  • Release Notes - Chronological list of platform enhancements.
  • HowTo Guides - A collection of tutorials to take you from beginner to expert, in easy stages
  • FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions
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