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The AgileApps Cloud platform is a business process and application platform that lets you create process-driven, situational, case management applications in a very short time. The applications are mobile-enabled with Web Services support and social collaboration.

You can build your application without programming and development tools. APIs are available when you need them and on-premises installation is also available if you want to create a private cloud. You don't have to worry about scalability, backups, database administration, network administration, upgrades, or maintenance as this is a cloud based application.

You can get started by importing CSV data exported from a spreadsheet, or you can use the Application Construction Wizard. This platform allows you to define and evolve Processes, and when the processes don't fit, a case agent creates an ad hoc procedure on the fly (a Multi Step Task).

Getting Started

Navigate through the sidebar at the left of this page. You might want to familiarize with the different sections in the sidebar: where to start, customize and design, resources, categories, search, and toolbox.

For Users

  • Logging on to the AgileApps cloud platform takes the internal users to the Agent Portal.
  • The internal and external users can access information from the Service Portal (available in the ServiceDesk application only)
  • For information about working with cases, see Cases.

For Application Builders

  • A collection of PDF articles on creating Dynamic Case Management apps is available in the Article Index.
  • For creating a new database application from scratch, see Creating a Database Application.
  • You can run different types of application on AgileApps cloud as well as on on-premises according to your requirement. For more information, see What kind of application do you need?
  • A list of elements used to customize an existing application or create a new application is given in the Designers Index .
  • The APIs and the reference information for system developers are given in the Developers Index.

For Administrators

Data Protection

Software AG products provide functionality with respect to processing of personal data according to the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Where applicable, appropriate steps are documented in the respective administration documentation.

What’s New?

  • Enable HTML Sanitization
When this option is selected, it prevents XSS attacks by allowing you to use only the HTML tags and attributes listed in the table. When this option is not selected, all the HTML tags and attributes are allowed and XSS attacks are not prevented. For more information, see Widget Types.
  • Installing AgileApps Live for Windows
AgileApps Live is now available for Windows. For more information, see Installing AgileApps Live for Windows.
  • Certificates in your trustStore
You must have these certificates in your trustStore if you are interacting with the AgileApps Cloud platform through any third party REST services. For more information on certificates, see Certificates in your trustStore
  • Create record with specific ID
You can define your own record ID while creating a record through REST. For more information, see Create record with specific ID.
  • Update a record using filter
You can update a record using filter criteria. For more information, see Update a record using filter.
  • SQL Parameterized query
To execute the SQL query, you have to provide the parameters in the prepared statement. This parameterized query avoids SQL injection issues. AgileApps Cloud supports parameterized SQL query as well as the plain SQL query. For more information, see SQL Parameterized query
  • Marketplace
The marketplace is now visible on the main menu. For more information, see Community Marketplace
  • Improvement in UI performance
UI performance improvements have been implemented for:
  1. Faster execution of JavaScript methods
  2. Event handling mechanism
  3. Disabling the picklist plugin to improve the loading time of forms with more number of picklist fields
  4. Clean-up of unused DOM elements.
  • Task ownership settings
When the record owner is changed, changes in the ownership of open tasks or incomplete tasks can be assigned to the new record owner or retain it to the existing owner. For more information, see Company Information
  • Error notification framework for forms
Error messages appear at the mandatory fields when the information is missing.
  • MySQL v5.7 Enterprise Edition and Clustering certification
AgileApps is now certified with MySQL v5.7 Enterprise Edition and supports Clustering for on-premises installation. For more information, see Configuring the MySQL Server.
  • Digital signature
The digital signature feature allows a user to digitally sign the email and confirms the authenticity of the sender. Digital signature is available only for on premises customers. For more information, see Managing Digital Signature.
  • Mass view print
This feature allows you to print multiple record details of the object. For more information, see Mass View Print.
  • Deploying AgileApps assets using webMethods Deployer
An asset is an item that is created in an AgileApps application or imported from other AgileApps applications. To deploy assets, add all the assets into a package and export the package using webMethods Deployer. For more information, see Deploying AgileApps assets using webMethods Deployer.

Learn More

  • HowTo Guides - A collection of tutorials to take you from beginner to expert, in easy stages
  • FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions
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