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The Service Portal Info is a place where both internal and external users can get information they need. Depending on its configuration, it can be used to access the knowledge base, get help from the community, or file a support case. (A Community is a place where users can ask questions and help each other. A Knowledge Base is a place where you can publish self-help articles. Customers can find publically available articles, while internal users have access to a broader set.)

To visit the Service Portal Info, customers and other visitors use the same URL you visit when you log in.

Your configuration settings tell which kinds of users are allowed:

  • Guests are visitors who can access Support Portal features without logging in
  • Registered Users are visitors who can log in to access Support Portal features
  • Internal Users are Case Agents and other support staff who work with the system to manage support cases

The features that different users can access depends on the configuration choices made in the Service Portal Settings.

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