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To configure the Service Portal, you start by selecting the features you want:

  1. Go to GearIcon.png > Channels > Service Portal
    The Configure Service Portal page opens.
  2. Under Portal Features:
    1. Click the Community checkbox to let users interact with each other
    2. Click the Knowledge Base checkbox to give users access to articles you've published
    In the portal, the Cases tab lets customers create new cases and monitor cases they have created.
    These options create additional tabs that portal users can access.
  3. Next decide if you'll allow users to register themselves:
    Self-registration is generally useful for business-to-consumer (B2C) support, where customers may have purchased your products through a retail channel. When customers visit your Service Portal, they can then login using their Google ID--or they can create a new username and password at the portal site.
    For B2B support, this option is generally disabled. When it is, customers can register only when you send them an invitation.
  4. You can also upload a logo image and customize the Service Portal in other ways.
    Learn more:
    Branding Applications for Your Organization
    Service Portal Settings, for a complete list of settings
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