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Release Notes for the installable version of the AgileApps Cloud platform.

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About the Installable Version

The installable version of the AgileApps Cloud platform allows you to create and manage a private cloud behind your firewall. AgileApps Cloud platform also helps you to set up a public cloud with a shared application and global data.

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The latest update to the 10.13 release is the patch version 10.13.3. We have features and fixes that are released as part of this patch. They are:

Features in 10.13.3 Patch Release (January 2020)

Creating a Custom User Interface

Using this Custom User Interface (CUI) feature, you can design and deploy a CUI to an AgileApps Application. You can install a template which is a zip file that constitutes all the artifacts created for CUI by the Application Developers. For more information, see How to Create a Custom User Interface (CUI).


Metering collects information related to the usage of Software AG products which in turn is later used for billing purposes. Metering uses a license file for authenticating and gathering client information. For more information, see Metering for AgileApps.

Forms 3 and 4 Column Configuration

Using this feature, you can configure the 3rd and 4th columns for a form. The 3 and 4 column configurations are applicable only for the new user interface of AgileApps. For more information, see Forms.

Features in 10.13 Release

Following is the list of features for the 10.13 release.

Single Sign on Between AgileApps and Mashzone

  • AgileApps platform is now able to send SAML assertions to Mashzone to render Mashzone dashboards on AgileApps user interface.

Customize the Number of Columns When Viewing Records in the New UI

  • User can now configure the record views to show any number of columns.
  • It applies to all views including custom object views, system object views, and system created views.
  • This customization is available with the new AgileApps user interface only.

Invoke IS Service from Business Rules

  • Users can now invoke Integration Server services from business rules.
  • A new action Invoke IS Service is now available in the Actions to Perform option under Event Rules.
  • Application Designers can configure invocation of Integration Server services on execution of the business rules with which it is associated.
  • This will be extended to all rule types (Timer Rules, Rule Sets, Scheduled Rules) in an upcoming patch. Once available in Rule Sets, application designers can configure invocation of IS services from process models.

Record Pinning

  • Users can now store their last visited records as favorites in the new UI.
  • The user can access these favorites anytime.
  • The bookmarked records are available from any screen of AgileApps.

Multi-select Picklist

  • User can make multiple selections from a list of values in a global picklist for a record field.

Record Views

  • Record views provide the user with options to activate and retain specific user-selected views as display tabs in the new UI.
  • The user can also toggle the views list.

AgileApps Runtime UI Upgrade to Angular 7

The AgileApps Runtime UI is upgraded to Angular 7 along with all the dependent packages.

Bug Fixes

Following are the fixes available.

Version 10.13.3 (January 2020)Icon new.png

Following are the fixes available with this patch:

  • SI#5389782
Database view mapping does not work.
Object joining does not work with database view in IE browser.
This issue is resolved.
  • SI#5391875
Layout rule is not getting triggered in the new UI.
The layout rule does not get triggered in the new UI. The application does not
seem to identify that the checkbox is selected. When the user clears the
checkbox and selects it again, then the rule gets triggered.
This issue is resolved.
  • SI#1392586
Incorrect tooltip in the design time UI for AgileApps platform.
Tooltip was incorrect for the following:
1.In Objects > Forms > Form layout, the Record Information section shows
incorrect tooltip.
2.In Objects, when you create an External Data Source, the tooltip for Input
Mapping and Output Mapping is the same.
This issue is resolved.
  • SI#5389307
Unable to create a dashboard using Internet Explorer browser.
Compilation of JS files in Internet Explorer fails.
This issue is resolved.
  • SI#5391727
Code syntax incorrect for the function getSearchOperatorSeletElement.
In the file networking/js/unifiedjs-min_1566975603275.js, the code syntax is
incorrect for the function getSearchOperatorSeletElement.
This issue is resolved.
  • SI#5392381
CMIS interface does not recognize the document type in FileNet content
management tool.
System had an implementation for a document type name prefixed with D:. This was
not recognized in the FileNet content management tool.
This issue is resolved.
  • SI#5397699
Lookup field navigation link loads the default layout for the selected object.
When a user clicks on a lookup link in the new UI, he or she is redirected to
the default layout of the object, even if the user does not have the required
permission to view the default layout.
This issue is resolved.
  • SI#5390177, 5390729
Email sent to AgileApps as an attachment are always blank resulting in loss of
Email sent as an attachment (*.msg file) is renamed as Message_nnn.eml in cases
and is always blank.
This issue is resolved.
  • SI#1398276
Service Portal Domain in a sandbox environment shows the root tenant.
When a customer logs into a sandbox environment, the Service Portal Domain shows
the root tenant information.
This issue is resolved. Customer is informed that for a sandbox tenant, only the
Branding section is supported. Changes made to other sections are not
applicable. The same is communicated by means of documentation and a warning
message on the UI.

Version 10.13.2 (October 2019)

Following are the fixes available with this patch:

  • SI#5385078
PDF automatically generated and attached as part of the Email template, does not
When a user uses the Email Template in the Send Email action of business rule
and Document Template of type HTML template as attachment in the Email template,
the PDF that is automatically generated using the Send Email action does not
This issue is resolved.
  • SI#5384031
Files having more than one period (..) before the filename extension, results in
an error.
Files with more than period before the filename extension; for example, abc..txt
results in an error during upload.
This issue is resolved.
  • SI#5384909
The new UI for AgileApps does not show the related information section for an
external data source.
The new UI fails to show the external data source as the API used to get the
external data source does not fetch the required results. If the user switches
to the older UI, it works fine.
This issue is resolved.
  • SI#5386293
Help text shown for Event Rules needs correction.
The short description provided for Event Rules on the AgileApps UI is incorrect.
It reads "A Rule can execute unconditionally, or it can specify conditions that
must be met for the Rule to execute. When it executes, the Rule can take one or
more specified actions. It can also return a value." Event Rules do not have an
action to return a value.
This issue is resolved.
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