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Release Notes for the installable version of the AgileApps Cloud platform.

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About the Installable Version

The installable version of the AgileApps Cloud platform allows you to create and manage a private cloud behind your firewall. AgileApps Cloud platform also helps you to set up a public cloud with a shared application and global data.

What's New

The latest update to the 10.11 release is the patch version 10.11.8 which includes new features related to CMIS enhancements and index-based search. It also includes fixes, to view the list of fixes, see Version 10.11.8 (May 2019).

Features in 10.11 Release

Following is the list of features that are part of the 10.11 release. The latest features are listed at the top:

Version 10.11.8 (May 2019)

CMIS User Interface Enhancements

  • In the Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) user interface, a user can now:
  • Create documents of any custom type that is configured in CMIS and also update the properties of the custom type.
  • Store additional data for any attachment. Examples for additional data include the document type, expiry date, issue date, and so on.
  • Use the additional document metadata to search for a document in any supported CMIS tool like Filenet and Alfresco.
  • Map objects from AgileApps to any custom document type in CMIS.
  • A new field, Default Document Type, is available in the CMIS configuration screen for configuring External Document Storage on the AgileApps platform.
For more information, see External Document Storage.

Index-Based Text Search

  • Users can now perform faster UI search using full-text indexing. A new option is available in Object Properties to enable full-text indexing. This functionality is available only with MySQL version 5.7 or later.
For more information, see Object Properties.

Version 10.11.3 (January 2019)

Features available with this version:

Apache Configuration

You can configure the Apache Port using the HTTPs port of Apache HTTPd in the Apache Configuration section available in the Configure Service Settings page of Longjump. If you are not using HTTPd, do not use this setting. For more information, see Service Configuration.

CSRF Protection

There is a new checkbox available now to enable CSRF protection in the default settings for tenant capabilities. By default, for a new tenant this check box Enable CSRF Protection is enabled. For more information, see Tenant Capabilities and AJAX and REST.

User Interface Settings

There are two new options now to manage the access by a user to the new AgileApps user interface. For more information, see Company Information.

Version 10.11.2 (November 2018)

Features available with this version:

Access Keys for Important Action Items in the new AgileApps User Interface

The short cut or access keys are as follows:

Faq short cut keys.png

Improvements in User Experience

Following improvements are available with this release:
  • Better utilization of the screen real estate. The width is used 100 percent.
  • A new collapsible left side navigation panel is available.
  • Record detail page components are re-arranged and the right side navigation components are now collapsible.
  • Improvements in the Application switch menu.

Restriction for Site Users

Currently, the new AgileApps user interface is not available for Site users. This will be available for Site users from version 10.11.3.

Nested Sub-forms

You now have the support for nested sub-form records.


Note: To avoid any performance related issues, we recommend you to limit the levels of nested sub-form records.

Default Landing Page

When you log in to the application, the Overview page is now the default landing page. This page is accessible anytime by clicking the Home button from the left navigation bar. It lists the default application and all the other available applications. The list of applications is also available by clicking App switch button.png from the top menu bar. This menu also includes a clickable link using which you can switch from the new user interface to the older user interface.

Version 10.11.1 (October 2018)

Features available with this version:

Accessibility Improvements for the New AgileApps User Interface

  • Improvements in JAWS Screen reader experience.
  • Better support for high contrast mode.

Browser Compatibility

  • Microsoft Edge browser support improvements for records view.

Command Central

  • AgileApps Server configuration improvements with Command Central.

Version 10.11 Release

Features available with this version:

New Runtime User Interface

As part of the accessibility compliance for Europe, the AgileApps Runtime UI is refreshed using the Angular technology and is now in sync with the other products of the Software AG suite.

On-premise customers have the option to switch to the new user interface and verify if their applications are working like before. If yes, they can continue to use the New UI for all their day-to-day runtime needs. The design time remains as is and customers can continue to access it as usual. For more information, see New Runtime User Interface for AgileApps.

RedHat Linux 7

AgileApps is now certified with RedHat Linux version 7. For more information, see Software Requirements.

CMIS Enhancements

The files and images currently stored in the AgileApps File System continue to be accessible even after the user enables the External Directory Storage option. For more information, see External Document Storage.

SSO/LDAP without sub-domain

Users in webMethods Business Console were unable to check Cases, as SSO used to be denied if the sub-domain flag was enabled. This limitation is now removed for both the SSO and LDAP configurations.

Bug Fixes

Following are the fixes available across multiple patches.

Version 10.11.8 (May 2019)Icon new.png

Following are the fixes available with this patch:

  • SI# - 1359015
Problem using the Round statement in ExecSQL Java API.
The Round() function does not work as expected when you try to round a number to
have zero decimal places.
This issue is resolved.
  • SI# - 5355142
The Functions.getEnv function does not work as expected when used with a macro.
When using String sessionID = Functions.getEnv(ENV.SESSION.ID); to get the
session ID, the function fails with an exception message. The same function
works fine when used in a .jsp page.
This issue is resolved.
  • SI# - 5361970
Case number column is fixed in records view.
The case number column is fixed in records view. It is confusing to the user if
you have a duplicate case number column in the records view.
This issue is resolved. The case number column will render based on the order
you select for this column in the Edit View page. If case number is not selected
, then it will show up as a static column and is placed 3rd from left in the
list of columns.
  • SI# - 5361789
Unable to create or update certain process steps in the process modeler.
Users are unable to create or update some of the steps, primarily execute
webservice, rule set, and send mail. This issue happens when the CSRF protection
feature is enabled.
This issue is resolved.
  • SI# - 5360813
If the subject column is not selected in the list view for tasks, the record
locator column appears empty.
This issue is resolved. The record locator of the task list is based on the task
object configuration.
  • SI# - 1355822
TODAY() function returns the wrong date.
Customer scheduled business rule does not execute correctly as the TODAY()
function returns the wrong date. It returns YESTERDAY's date instead of TODAY's
This issue is resolved. The TODAY() function now returns the date based on the
timezone set in the Company Information.
  • SI# - 5365528
Notification pop-up about unsaved changes even after saving a record
After you save a record successfully, you continue to get a notification about
unsaved changes when you move away from the record to the records list page.
This issue is now resolved.
  • SI# - 1369894
File not found error when you update a record that has a sub-form with an image
or file field.
When you update a record that has a sub-form with an image or file field without
modifying its image or file field, then a File Not Found error occurs.
This issue is resolved.
  • SI# - 5362486
Unable to mark task complete using Functions.
This has been fixed.
Now the end-user can use Functions.updateRecord() API to complete a process task.
String taskId = param.get("id");
Parameters p = Functions.getParametersInstance();
p.add("comment", "Reason");
p.add("status", "2"); // enumerated value of the status
Result result =
Functions.updateRecord("tasks", taskId, p);
1. For an approval task, its recommended that the user should send the enumerated value of approve/reject status.
2. If the process task is based on the case form, then its the responsibility of end user to have an update case record API first followed by updated record API on task to mark the task as completed.
  • SI# - 1369090
Existing or new custom access criteria gives a parser error even with a correct
expression in place.
The existing or new custom access criteria were not editable. To verify this,
one could open the object properties for any case object and press the syntax
check button, it returns an error message "ERROR: Encountered" at line X, column
This issue is resolved.
  • SI# - 1370181
Report URLs fail to open in Internet Explorer version 11, if the report title
contains special characters.
If you are using Internet Explorer version 11 to access the older UI of
AgileApps, and click the URL for a report that has special characters in its
title, you get a "Webpage cannot be found" message.
This issue is resolved.
  • SI# - 5365177
Even after you remove all access for a user in the access profile, the
Monitoring option continues to show for that user.
This issue is resolved. Monitoring option is no longer visible.
  • SI# - 5367554
In the Microsoft Edge browser, a new record radio button shows the last option
as selected by default.
In the Microsoft Edge browser, even if you have not defined a default value
for a field, the radio button for that record shows the last option as selected
by default.
This issue is resolved. No options are selected by default.
  • SI# - 5368206
Layout rules on checkbox field does not execute when a user changes the value.
The layout rules are getting executed only when the user manually performs a
blur event, by clicking outside the checkbox control. This issue is noticed only
in the new UI.
This issue is resolved.
  • SI# - 5368210
Label element in the new UI loses the text formatting.
This issue is related to the form label. If a label has a new line character,
then in the new UI, you will see
HTML tag instead of a new line.
This issue is resolved.

Version 10.11.6 (March 2019)

Following are the fixes available with this patch:

  • SI# - 1347565
There was no support for CSV file delimiter with the German Locale during Import/Export of file in the CSV format.
This issue is resolved. The locale setting of Company Information (Tenant Level) is applied now when a user imports and exports a file in the CSV format. A "semi-colon" is used instead of a "comma" for the German Locale delimiter.
  • SI# - 5344510
Email function - responses are not recorded in the case history.
When a user sends a reply to the email sent using the JAVA API send an email (assumption is the reply address matches to the email channel address). This response is not added to the case activity.
This issue is resolved.
  • SI# - 1359913
There are limitations on email attachments, file size, and email body size.
Currently, there is a limit on the number of attachments that can be sent over an email, the file size sent, and the email body size. These values are not configurable.
This issue is resolved. Following new properties are made available which you can configure using the file:
  • max_email_attachment_count- any positive integer value.
  • max_email_attachment_size - the value in terms of byte. For example: 5MB should be mentioned as max_email_attachment_size=5242880(meaning 5*1024*1024)
  • max_email_body_size - the value in terms of bytes. For example: 5MB should be mentioned as max_email_body_size=5242880(meaning 5*1024*1024).
  • SI# - 5357624
User is unable to change the self password from the Personal Settings menu.
Manual changing of password does not work when the password policy states that the new password cannot match the last two passwords or more.
This issue is resolved.
  • SI# - 1349384
The Custom Access Criteria Builder screen hangs when you enter and save any rule with more than 5050 characters.
The rule section of the custom access criteria screen does not respond and hangs when you enter a formula with more than 5050 characters and click the Check Syntax button. To make it responsive, :::you have to refresh the page.
This issue is resolved.
  • SI# - 5355668
The Auto Number field does not update properly when an application is packaged and deployed in a different tenant. Also, the start number of the auto-number field starts with a number in the :::source tenant and does not reset in the target tenant.
These issues are resolved.
  • SI# - 5352246
Logging into an SSO account, does not trigger user business rule.
When a user logs in using an SSO account, the System Login rule which is a user business rule does not get triggered.
This issue is resolved.
  • SI# - 5355909
Error in value listed in the Setup Value in Picklist option (Form Layout rule).
User has a pick-list field with name Role Status with the word Status as a sub-string. This word Status is also the label of another pick-list. This results in a conflict while generating the :::value of the pick-list.
This issue is resolved.

Version 10.11.2 (November 2018)

Following are the fixes available with this patch:

  • SI# - 1347290
The application designer needs a mechanism to control the visibility of email templates and quick responses list below the notes editor.
The application designers could write custom scripts in the legacy AgileApps UI to hide certain email/quick response templates below the notes editor. The
new AgileApps user interface should have a mechanism to perform the same action.
This issue is resolved. A new JavaScript API method is now made available. For more information, see JavaScript Field Type Reference for New AgileApps User Interface.
  • SI# - 5343831
While creating a view, if it includes a formula column with one or more special characters, it results in an error.
This issue is resolved. Now the user cannot create a formula column in a view that has one or more special characters (with the exception of white space).
  • SI# - 5340518
There was NO HTTP method validation in Platform for \Service URL and user was able to convert action submitted as POST method to GET using third-party tool and
operation was successful.
This issue is resolved. HTTP Method validation is implemented for \Service URL which validates the supported HTTP method for a given action and throws 405
Method Not supported status code for non supporting actions. For example, if a user tries to update a record using GET http method, then the platform throws a 405 error.
  • SI# - 5338309
While editing the Form Layout for some fields beyond 126 fields, at save, the order of the fields beyond the number 126, the fields are shuffled in an arbitrary order, but not the one chosen by user.
This issue is resolved and now any number of fields should be ordered as per the preference of the user and saved as expected.
  • SI# - 5334329
The REST API response data contains a different domain name in the url for entities like objects, applications, access-profile, application-role, and so on.
The REST API response data contains the admin-tenant domain; for example, instead of tenant-specific domain name; for example,
The issue is resolved.
  • SI# - 5334019; 5341240
Forms appear blank after adding form rules.
Layout rule does not save and work if value of "Assign to Field" Action has double quote characters and blank page is shown when user try to open Form layout in customization section.
This issue is resolved. Escape the double quote character from value of "Assign to Field" action of the Layout Rule.

New Installation

For new installation, see Installing AgileApps Live for Windows.

Upgrading an existing installation

For information on upgrading to the 10.11 version, see Upgrading to Version 10.11.

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